Corporate social responsibility

Ellen & Axel Lunds foundation
Sola Strand Hotel is owned and run by Ellen & Axel Lunds foundation. The foundation was founded 10th January 1950. In the objectives of the foundation it is stated that the hotel is to be run as a first-class tourist hotel, and that part of the profits are to be dedicated to education within the hotel and restaurant industry. This means that all of the hotels profits are put towards the running and upkeeping of the hotel, as well as scholarships to students within the hotel and restaurant industry. In this way, we take some of the responsibility of securing the development of high quality industry knowledge for the future.

Clean Shores
Due to our location on Sola beach we care more than average about our oceans and feel a responsibility to help take care of these. As a part of this we have a collaboration with Clean Shores Norway who work persistently for clean coastlines, oceans and beaches in Norway and abroad. Read more about Clean Shores here.

The street magazine ASFALT
ASFALT is a street magazine sold by people who have experience with drug use and who are in a difficult life situation. ASFALT wishes to give people an opportunity to attain income in an earnest way by selling these magazines. Creating understanding and dialogue between different social groups while contributing to tearing down prejudices is also on their agenda. Sola Strand Hotel supports ASFALT with adverts throughout the year.

Sports in the local community
We see the many values of organised sports in the local community, and it is important to us to contribute to the development of local initiatives. In relation to this we have signed sponsorship agreements with Klepp IL, Sola baseball, windsurfer Helle Oppedal and Sola Cyckleklubb.

As a former Hotel Management School it is very important to us to contribute to industry-specific education on a high level. We are proud to be a business who welcome apprentices, and today we are lucky enough to have a total of six apprentices working with us. We have one apprentice receptionist, two apprentice chefs, two apprentice pastry chefs and one apprentice waiter.

Sola Strand Hotel takes the natural- and working environment seriously and is a certified Eco-Lighthouse business. Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility. Read more about Eco-Lighthouse here.

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