Jente går langs stranden med bøtte - Opplevelser på hotellet - Sommer på Solastranden

Sola beach right outside your hotel room

Sola beach, right outside the hotel, is one of Norway’s best beaches for swimming and windsurfing. The beach is around 2,300 metres long and was crowned the sixth best beach in the world by the Sunday Times.

The opportunities are endless, whether you are looking to go swimming and lap up some sun, go sailing or surfing, have a barbecue, play beach volleyball or enjoy a refreshing walk by the sea. The water is shallow, sloping off gently, which makes the beach ideal for families with children.

There are further excellent beaches of all shapes and sizes along the whole of the south-west coast along Jæren. The most beautiful and popular ones being Hellestøstranden, Borestranden and Orrestranden.


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