Historic premises

Sola Strand Hotel’s restaurant and events facilities consist of Sverresalen, Montroyalsalen, Solasalen, Nye Solasalen and Den Glade Laks dining rooms. Adjacent to the lobby is Strandbaren, a pleasant bar perfect for those looking to enjoy a drink or a light meal. You can sample wines and enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif in our famous wine cellar, a former Second World War bunker.

Den Glade Laks
Den Glade Laks is decorated in a rustic farmhouse style, incorporating  traditional Hallingdal furniture, and was the hotel’s original à la carte restaurant. Today this dining room is mainly used for corporate and private events. Den Glade Laks seats up to 50 guests.

Nye Solasalen and Solasalen
The walls of Solasalen are hung with enlarged re-productions of watercolour paintings, painted around 120 years ago by Ellen Lund’s grandfather, ship owner Mons Gabriel Monsen from Tananger. The originals are kept in Stavanger Town Museum. Solasalen seats up to 100 guests.

Nye Solasalen is situated one floor down from Solasalen and has large windows facing the sand dunes and beach.

Montroyal is the original smoking room from a Canadian Pacific Line cruise ship which once sailed between England and Canada. The ship was built in 1906 and carried 1,540 passengers and 370 crew. It had a 20,000 HP engine and a maximum speed of 20 Norwegian sea miles an hour. The dining room fireplace and internal-facing windows are also from the ship. Copies of The London News Telegraph and The Graphic illustrated news publications from 1840 are displayed on either side of the fireplace. The Montroyalsalen dining room has a moveable stage which can be used for dancing and entertainment. The room seats up to 120 guests.

A lunch buffet with warm dishes, desserts and coffee is served on weekdays between 11.30 and 14.00. A family buffet is served Sundays between 13.00 and 16.00.

Sverresalen was built using wood from the Kong Sverre frigate – Norway’s largest sailing warship, built at Horten wharf in 1860. The ship had 52 canons and Norwegians referred to it as ‘The horror of Europe’. The floor in Sverresalen is made from materials from the orlop deck of the ship. A model of the ship can be viewed at the marine museum in Horten. Sverresalen is mainly used as a dining room and seats 120 guests.

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