Erling Skjalgssonsenter

The meeting rooms Rygerkongen I, II and III each compasses a capacity of 60-80 delegates and can also be changed into one large meeting room with a plenary capacity of a total of 350 delegates. The meeting room Harfrsfjord has a capacity of 30 delegates and Ytraberget is a board room that can accommodate up to 11 delegates.

The history
We found it natural to take our location into consideration when naming our newest conference centre. Sola was the centre of prominent historic incidents that go as far back as 1100 years. Harald Hårfagre (Fairhair) (c. 850-933) completed the unification of Norway to one kingdom at the battle of Harfsfjord in 872, and the last opponents fled to the rural fortress at Ytraberget when the battle had concluded. Today you can go for a stroll at Ytraberget and take a look at the monumental stone that King Olav V signed in 1972 during the 1100 year anniversary of the unification of Norway.

The battle of Harfsfjord is of great significance to the subsequent entrance of Erling Skjalgsson as one of the most prominent people in the history of Norway.  He was born c. 975 and died at a battle by Bokn 21. December 1028. He was a Chief at Sola and it is believed that he lived at a farm close to Sola ruin church. Erling was one the most powerful men in Norway during his time and he is also mentioned by the name Rygerkongen. Outside Sola ruin church there is a stone monument that was erected in his memory. The stone monument and Sola ruin church are both located a short walk from the hotel.

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