Activities and experiences

We offer a wide range of social, educational and fun activities for groups and companies.

Surf Course
Jæren is Norway’s surfing paradise and a surf course is a fun and refreshing activity! All equipment such as surfboards, wetsuits with shoes, gloves and hoods are included. Duration 2, 5-3 hours.

Wine tasting in the hotels own bunker from World War II
A very special experience with candle lights and atmospheric background music in a unique venue.
Up to 10 people in the bunker. There is room for more people in other rooms. Duration approximately 1 hour.

Whisky or beer tasting 
On request.

We offer custom made yoga classes in co-operation with Satya Yoga for you and your colleagues. We can offer a mini session as a break activity to make sure the neck and shoulders are ok, or a full yoga class with a focus on increased energy, concentration and serenity.

Beach walk
Take a break from your meeting to enjoy some fresh sea air and learn something new at the same time. Stroll along Solastranden beach to Ølberg beach with your guide entertaining you with interesting stories about the local area as you go. This walk is excellent at lunch-time, in the afternoon to build up an appetite or in the evening. Duration 1,5 to 2,5 hours.

Quiz battle
The “battle” takes place inside the conference/banquet facilities. The group will be divided into two groups, and these groups will compete in various disciplines such as mathematics, music, social sciences and biology. It all concludes with a fun and unpredictable quiz on history. Duration 1 hour.

Olympic Games
Team-building activity that refers to both summer and winter sports. The participants are divided into two teams, where they compete against each other. Duration 2 hours.

Kite workshop
You build your own kites under expert guidance before the colorful kites dance on the beautiful Jæren
sky. Duration 2 hours.

Guided tour and/or concert in Sola Church Ruins
Stone church built around 1150 with magical acoustics, only a 5-10 minute stroll from the hotel.

Fun at the beach
Activities for everyone regardless of age and physical abilities. The activities are fun, including and liberating. Movement, play, fun, cooperation, creativity and communication are key words. Duration approximately 2 hours.

Fun with golf
A mere golf swing from Sola Strand Hotel is Solastranden Golf Clubs home course with 18 holes which are playable almost all year round.  Tim Brookes, Solastranden Golf Clubs head coach, will teach you the basics of golf followed by fun contests on the driving range and the putting green. Prizes for the best team. Duration 1-2 hours.

Golf, sandcastle-building, tennis, tug of war, volleyball and boccia
We provide the equipment, the activities must be organised by yourselves.

Also on request:
Sea fishing, sea rafting, sightseeing in Lysefjorden, town sightseeing, windsurfing, golf tournament on Solastranden Golf Course.

Other request? We love a challenge!


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